Increase the comfort of your journey with Lufthansa Upgrade by adding more space, better service, and more luxury. Basically, there are three ways to upgrade a seat on a Lufthansa flight:

In some of the airports where Lufthansa flies, you may even reserve your upgrade in advance, subject to availability. At the check-in/bag drop-off counter, ticket desk, or gate, you can upgrade a Lufthansa aircraft for a set fee or by trading miles.

Learn about the prerequisites, how to upgrade your journey with different travel classes, and more.

Options for Flight Upgrades with Lufthansa Airlines

The following travel classes are eligible for an upgrade:

On lengthy flights, upgrade to Premium Economy Class.

On your Lufthansa long-distance flight, you can now upgrade to Premium Economy Class for a set price. Travel in even greater luxury while taking advantage of the numerous benefits of premium economy class. The numerous advantages include:

The following conditions must be met in order to obtain a Lufthansa premium economy upgrade: